2018 Catalyst Micro-Grant

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    The KASD Catalyst Micro-Grant is dedicated to funding innovative classroom experiences for our students. KASD Teachers can apply for this grant for any amount up to $750 in resources that enhance and transform learning. We will be funding multiple grant applications this year and are looking for your creative ideas to invigorate next generation education.

    2018 Grant Awards

    There is much interest in expanding and exploring the maker movement as well as STEAM in each of the buildings, and we could not be more excited. Everyone that applied for a Catalyst Grant this year was awarded funding to bring innovation to their classroom and to their building.

    At GES, Shawna Oswald received a grant to begin a Maker’s Club and has integrated some elements of the Code and Go mouse and many other maker elements for building and creating. At KES, Kylie LaSota is infusing Maker Learning with Habits of Mind with her kids and team using Makey Makey, Little Bits, and Bloxels. Also at KES, Beki Ziegler, excited by her kids competing at the STEM Competition at the BCIU, will be working with K’Nex Robotics kits, specifically the robotics kit. Amy Boyer at the high school is reimagining the classroom by designing a 21st Century Learning Space with new furniture to support active learning and greater collaboration. Josh Chambers also at the high school is expanding the Augmented and Virtual Reality Extension experiences for the contemporary and experimental media courses and students.

    We are thrilled to see STEAM expanding into all areas of our classes and at all levels and some of these projects will likely have nice tie-ins to our STEAM vision and plans.

    Grant applications will reopen in 2019.

    Grants are funded based on the following criteria:

    • Innovation
      • Novel introduction to classroom or context (not replacement or updating)
      • Trying something completely different
    • Future Focused
    • DaVinci Inspired
      • Supporting the DaVinci Design Principles
    • Sustainable
      • Can be maintained across multiple years